The Professionals – This was a thriller by a new author and I hope he writes more!  I don’t want to give too much away, but the basic plot is that 4 recent university grads, realizing that the economy has tanked and their chances of making serious money have tanked with it, try to figure […]

And On the Surface Die – Well, I don’t like the title of this book even though I know (well, found out) that it’s from a Tennyson poem – The Kraken.  It just seems awkward.  But I enjoyed the book.  It’s a murder mystery set on Vancouver Island and the setting is really a character […]

This blog is going to help me sort through my angst with the floods of paper that the regulatory and ethics world demands of those of us who are minions in the pharmaceutical world.  It’s a bit overwhelming to have forms upon forms to validate exaclty nothing and I need a place to vent about […]